How to become a member of UIAGM

Following preconditions should be fulfilled in order to acquire membership of IFMGA as a national mountain guide association:

  • The association has to have at least 20 members (mountain guides).
  • The demanded level in the personal skills concerning the disciplines rock, ice and mixed terrain as well as skiing has to be fulfilled.
  • A plan for an own mountain guide training has to exist.
  • Two of the four disciplines have to be practicable in the own country
  • The association has to have the aim that the training and the profession of the mountain guide is recognized by the Government


In principle it is the applicant country that makes the application to the IFMGA for the checkup of above-mentioned preconditions.

After the positive checkup of the training and the control of the structures of the association as a professional organization through the managing committee of the IFMGA, there will be a voting at the delegate’s meeting. Then, the applicant country can be admitted as a member.

The whole process to acquire membership with IFMGA can take five to 10 years.
Mountain guides without membership with a national association cannot acquire membership with IFMGA!